Every project should start with careful analysis, bringing the best ideas forward. My approach is to focus your core message, distilling the essence of design into solutions that resonate and compel an audience to action.
Successful design is not only style, rather it is the result of critical thinking.

and Style

Revitalizing this iconic Washington brand, my ongoing efforts include logo and website design, business development and marketing. Visit this venerable DC florist at

Design is a
good idea!

A solid idea is the
essential ingredient to
successful design and
good ideas are
themselves a result of
the design process.
Logos are a great example, here are a few.

Design the process.

Form follows function. How things look is a product of how things work.


Human Rights Campaign (HRC) presented a common problem: how to publish numerous reports and brochures, while maintaining a cohesive look and feel. Here I created a design system where each publication could maintain its own character, while still remaining part of the HRC family.


Public Citizen logo redesign
The solution for Public Citizen was one of emphasis, both in the image’s perspective and use of color. Also a practical matter, redeploying the Statue of Liberty was a natural progression for Public Citizen.

Learn more about
Public Citizen.

Former designer for the Human Rights Campaign and Public Citizen,  I deploy thoughtful, creative solutions that communicate clearly and help organizations win in the marketplace of ideas. Design is a good idea!

Specializing in service to non-profits, academic and entrepreneurial enterprise: data visualization, content strategy, branding, reports, presentations, 508 compliance, websites, illustrations and marketing.

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